In this episode Mike from Real English shares some awesome advice for improve your listening, your speaking and of course your exam preparation.

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Mike owns a great site which takes REAL ENGLISH speakers from the street and interviews them.

You see, they will speak a little faster than teachers, and use more colloquial expressions -this makes it fantastic preparation for IELTS listening.

Watching the videos at Mike’s site will also improve your speaking ability because each video comes with comprehensive questions to make sure you understood. Fully comprehending what they are saying will boost your own confidence to use the expressions, and you’ll sound much more like a native speaker (if you want to!!!!!).

In this podcast you will learn:
How to use free resources effectively to improve your English ability (and ultimately your IELTS Band score)

How should a student use your site to get maximum benefit from your resources?

The best advice if you are having a hard time with exams.

Here are the links about topics / books / apps / we discussed in the podcast.


Lift App –

The Art of Learning (book Amazon)

IELTS English listening test (Youtube) IELTS Practice Test

Toeic test (Official site)

Real English

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Download or listen to the podcast here: